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Day 5 – Getting Out There

Alex March 17, 2021

Now everything is created and you want everybody to read your content, you need to go out there and promote your new site!

Its time for some serious promotion.

There’s some stiff competition out there, but here are a few tried and tested ways to promote your new WordPress blog.

Social Media

There’s many social media platforms out there. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit… Just to name a few.

In order to promote effectively on these platforms, you need to share your content to a relevant audience.

For example, joining and posting in the right Facebook groups, or subreddits on Reddit.

Or if you want to go the paid advertising route, you need to do correct audience targeting. As a basic example, if you run a car blog, target Facebook users who’ve liked or joined car enthusiast groups or pages.

As I suggested earlier, also add social share buttons to your posts, and you can also add links to your blogs social media pages on your header, footer, sidebar and homepage.

Guest Posting

In order to get traffic you can offer to guest post on blogs that already have it.

Site administrators love great content. Send a message to them showing the great content you’ve already created. Or go one further and pre-write the article you intend for their blog.

Be friendly and show you offer value and they may let you post an article on their website with a link back to your blog.

This also offers the extra advantage of creating an external link that may help boost your SEO rankings.

Search Engine Traffic

This one is not so much getting out there as helping the search engines come to you.

Once you’ve got keyword rich articles and have a sitemap from a search plugin like Yoast, it’s time to ask Google to crawl your website.

You can submit a sitemap to Google to get it to crawl many pages at once using Google’s sitemaps report.

More information about this process can be found here.


People like articles, but they love videos. And what they love most is digesting content from a creator in multiple formats.

YouTube is massive and has an almost endless amount of traffic; traffic that can be redirected to your blog.

If you don’t have a dedicated camera, inbuilt webcams and smart phone cameras offer excellent video quality and audio.

With some creativity and valuable content, and a shout out of your blog in the video and description, you can send massive amount of traffic to your blog while building a large YouTube following.

Email Marketing

We’re going to cover more on Email Marketing in the next lesson, but it’s also worth mentioning now. Not only is it great to get new visitors, you also want to get existing visitors to come back.

One of the best ways to do this other than social media is through an email newsletter.

Hopefully you installed an email capture plugin like OptinMonster like I suggested in the previous lesson. The best time to start building your list is from day one.

Once you’re list is growing send out weekly newsletters with your latest content. Your subscribers will keep coming back and you can build a very strong relationship and brand loyalty over time.

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