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Day 3 – Making it Profitable

Alex March 17, 2021

Making money from your blog is easier today than it has been in the past. And once you’ve got some awesome content up it’s time to explore the possibilities.

Here are some of the many options available.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest options to start monetizing your blog.

The products already exist, you just help promote them and get paid a share of the sale.

This is great for both cheap products that are easy to sell and expensive offers.

20% of a $1000 purchase is a cool $200 dollars.

But even 10% of a hundred dollar product is $10. If 100 people buy it’s $1000!

Some of the best affiliate programs available are:

  • ShareASale
  • Amazon Associate
  • Commission Junction

Google Adsense

Advertising is what people most often think about when they consider blogging. Get enough traffic and the money will follow from ad clicks.

One of the easiest ways to start advertising is with Google Adsense.

Ads are automatically shown on your website based off of your sites content and audience. The ads are automatically optimized based on what ads are being clicked on, making management relatively hands free.

Adding Google Adsense is super easy. Go through setup and approval and ad the shortcodes to your website and you’re finished!

You can track your earnings through the console they provide.

Sponsored Posts

This can work in two different ways. You can be paid for writing posts by companies looking to promote their products on your blog, making it require a little work on your part.

Or, you can also be paid to allow companies and other people to publish their posts on your blog. In this case they provide the content, and what you’re providing in return is access to your audience.

Many companies are willing to pay well for either if you have a nice looking blog, with great content and a solid following.

Membership Site

Loyal fans are willing to pay to read even more content if it offers extra value to them.

Gain a following with great free articles, and then spend extra time and effort producing premium content that becomes a no-brainer for your readers.

You can offer membership for a one-time fee, or make it a monthly subscription for consistent income.

Write an eBook

Selling eBooks is great passive income. You only need to write the book once, then it keeps selling.

But if you want it to be worth buying, it has to be good.

The topic of the book also has to be relevant to your audience.

A great way to be sure of what your audience will love is to take a look at your most popular blog posts. Expand out your best post into enough content for a book, or mix multiple if they can be related by a general concept.

For example, if you have great posts on SEO and Social Media, use both to create a book about Internet Marketing.

Other Digital Products

There are more digital products than just eBooks, You can also sell a video series, audio recordings, design templates, art work if it’s in your skill set. The possibilities are almost endless.

For example, are you good at programming? Sell a WordPress plugin!

If it’s useful to your specific audience, it will sell.

Sell an Online Course

Have valuable knowledge that your audience would love to learn? Teach them! Sell an online course.

You don’t need to be an expert, you just need to know what you’re talking about.

Blog about cooking? Sell a course on cooking your most popular recipes!

Not only will you make money. A course proves your knowledge and helps cement you as an authority in your blogging space.

Start Coaching

Have valuable skills? Think you can mentor others?

Consider monetizing your blog by offering a coaching service.

Once you’ve shown your value and built trust, at least some of your readers would love some additional 1-on-1 advice.

A great mentor lessens the learning curve and will help make them an expert sooner.

The blog niche you’re in will play a part in what type of coaching you offer, but you should have something you can coach about.

Blog about fitness? That’s an easy one. Blog about music and play an instrument? Offer lessons.


This is how I choose to monetize this website. I show the value I can provide with the content I create, and offer to create content for others.

If you’re a great graphic designer, host a blog showing all your images. You can use it as an online portfolio when you approach clients, and also have clients come to you through your blog.

Many other types of freelancing are available. Web Design, Social Media Management, Book Keeping, and more.

Monetize with Merchandise

Once you’ve established your brand you may be able to sell branded merchandise.

Not only will loyal followers like to be associated with your brand, they’ll also receive something tangible they can hold or wear.

T-Shirts, Hats, Phone Cases, Bags, a lot of clothing and accessories can be sold with your brand image.

You can go further than just putting your logo on items as well.

Make statements relatable to your brand, or come up with something funny that will sell.

Rockstar fans will love to rock your merch!

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