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Day 2 – Content Creation

Alex March 17, 2021

The content of your blog will be the value that attracts your readers. Your bread and butter.

In this lesson I will cover how to come up with a content strategy and best blogging practices you should follow.

Creating a content plan

To build and maintain a successful blog you need a solid content plan.

It should include ideas for future blog posts, a publishing timeline and a promotion strategy which we’ll cover in a future lesson..

Without a plan it becomes almost impossible to produce consistent quality content, and to maintain your blogs popularity.

Now let’s cover the steps you need to plan out content for your blog.

Create a list of potential topics

At this point you should know what you’re going to blog out. It should be related to your domain name.

If you’re blogging based off one of your interests, I’m sure you already have an idea of potential topics of conversation.

If not, research the niche. Join communities around the niche, look at existing sites, and something I like to do look at keywords related to the niche and draw out topics from there.

For example with gaming:


  • Consoles
  • Games
  • Multiplayer
  • Release Dates

From here add questions to the Keywords:

  • What is the best console?
  • What games are coming out next?
  • How do I get more wins in Rocket League multiplayer?

And you can mix keywords and questions too. In this case I incorporate all 4:

  • Upcoming Release Dates for Multiplayer Games on Consoles

Coming up with keywords (ideas) related to your niche and answering questions your readers have is all of what blogging is about.

Your foundation content

Blogging becomes more difficult with time as you need to come up with new and unique ideas. Let’s worry about that later.

We want to just get content up on your blog.

For your initial articles just choose 5 to 10 easy topics you know your readers will like, and they’ll be easier to promote and get eyeballs too. And easy to write about.

Topics that people love to read will get you traffic, social shares and links from other websites. A foundation to build your blog from.

Writing the articles

Now that you know what topics you are going to write about, keep the following points in mind before pen hits paper:

Include a mixture of content

Include text, images and infographics and videos if you can to make your articles visually appealing. People judge if they’re going to read just from a quick skim of your page.

Check your grammar and spelling

Make sure your writing is grammatically correct. Poorly written content is a hard foundation to build a following from, and spelling errors are an eye sore.


You don’t need to be an expert straight away but make sure you know what you are talking about. If you can show your knowledgeable you’re more likely to gain a following.

Engage with your audience

The best way to gain loyalty is to engage. If anyone posts a comment on your blog, reply to them. When you share your article on social media, reply to any comments there too. Build a relationship with your readers.

Set a goal

5 to 10 articles can be a hard slog. Set a goal to just write your first article, then 2 more, and then get to 5. Create mini goals to help you along the way.

Also promise yourself a small reward once all your content is up.

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