5 – Tweaking and Customization

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    Now that you’ve found and installed the perfect WordPress theme, we can make all the customization’s needed to turn your new blog into a visual beauty.

    Let’s start by giving your blog a proper front page.

    Setting a Static Front Page

    To do this, you need to visit the Settings >> Reading page in your WordPress admin area.

    Under “Front page displays” option, select “A static page” and choose the home page we created above.

    Don’t forget to click¬† on the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page.

    WordPress will now use the page titled “Home” as your site’s front page.

    Changing the Site Title and Tagline

    During the installation of your website you got to choose your site’s title, but WordPress automatically set your tagline to ‘Just another WordPress site’.

    I don’t know about you, but I want a tagline that’s more appealing.

    You can change this, and your site title if you want to at anytime by visiting Settings >> General.


    If you’d prefer to not have a tagline, you can leave the field blank.

    Don’t forget to save any changes you make by clicking the “Save Changes” button once you’re finished.

    Navigation Menus

    Navigation menus allow visitors of your website view different pages on your website.

    Let’s create one now.

    Visit Appearance >> Menus¬†and enter a name for your new navigation menu, then click “Create Menu”.


    WordPress will create the new menu, but at first it will be blank.


    At first you’ll only have a few pages to add to your new menu, but you’ll be able to add more pages later on as you build your new blog.

    For now, add the “Home” and “Blog” pages to your new menu by selecting them and clicking “Add to Menu”.


    The selected pages will appear in the previously empty area on the right, and can be moved up and down to order them as you wish.


    Now you need to select a display location for the menu. The locations available are determined by the WordPress theme you installed. The location for this menu is usually called “Primary Menu” or “Main Menu”.

    After choosing a location, click “Save Menu” to add the menu to your blog.