Day 6 – Email Marketing


    It’s fairly easy to classify email marketing as ‘old school’, especially considering the rise of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

    Many people though that social media marketing would ring the death knell for email marketing, but experience and statistics show that email marketing is still very much alive.

    According to statista, 3.8 billion email accounts send and receive 281 billion emails every day. Numbers that are expected to rise to 4.3 and 333 billion by 2022.

    Nine out of ten us check our email at least once a day, and almost 50% of us check our email while on the toilet. Far from going anywhere, email is on the rise. Even when we’re dropping our business.

    How email marketing can help you sell your online products

    The great thing about email marketing is that it can always be making you money, all you need is an offer to sell and a mailing list to send it too.

    Blogging and social media will never be consistent. Organic social media reach is declining and blog posts can be hit and miss, but your mailing list once yours, is yours forever. Organic social media reach has declined to around 6%, but email open rates for promotional material remains at 20%, numbers that can be greatly improved if you nurture your list.

    For a lot of bloggers, over 80% of their income comes from email promotion, either directly through promotion efforts, or indirectly through visitors returning from weekly newsletters.

    We’ve covered how to build an email list with OptinMonster in lesson 4, so in this lesson we’ll cover how to nurture a list and sell to it.

    The Welcoming Sequence

    The Newsletter

    Can suggest products every now and then, but mainly send to articles, which may or may not have promotions

    Promotion Emails

    Best way is through special offer emails for being a subscriber. Reward people for being a subscriber. Offer them a discount.