Day 4 – Profit Optimization


    Great! Now you have the products and/or advertisements, and soon you’ll have the traffic.

    Getting tons of traffic will be a good thing, but it will count for little if none of the visitors convert into customers, or potential customers, otherwise known as leads.That’s where conversion optimization comes in there.

    It is not just what you are selling that determines how many sales you get, it is also how well you sell it.

    What you write to pitch your products has a great influence on whether your visitors will be convinced to purchase, and so does the design of your site.

    We’ll discuss sales writing, also known as copywriting below, to give you a few strategies to help you write in a way that sells, as well as a few design strategies to get the most out of your efforts.

    But how will you know which of two writing pieces is better, or which one of your design concepts works best? Well, by testing them against each other of course!

    This is known as split testing. A widely used strategy to make sure only the highest converting design changes and copywrite makes your live site.

    So let’s begin.


    Web Design should me more than just about the look and feel of your site. It should be a tool. A careful combination of design and functionality that gets your visitors to take a desired action.

    Sure, a blue background might look pretty. But perhaps a subtle grey background with a more striking color for the sign-up bottom will boost sign-ups by 200%, even if it makes the website look a little more bland. Yes, it is great to have a gorgeous looking website, but if your web game to make money, design principles need to be weighed against business outcomes to strike a healthy balance, because design effects the bottom line more than you think it does.

    Even a simple change like using a red button instead of green one can increase user action by 34%.

    To help increase conversions, keep your website design simple so that user attention is focused on your content and message, and establish a clear visual hierarchy with design elements at the top, your message underneath, and your desired action at the bottom.

    And perhaps most importantly, make sure your website design is mobile-friendly, as more and more of the internet is switching to mobile browsing.

    If you’d like more design-optimization tips, check out this article at a later date.

    Copy Writing

    Copy – Crafted from words, sentences, and paragraphs, is one of the most powerful Marketing tools you have at your disposal.

    The words you write have the power to either drive sales, or drive away customers, the difference being determined by the techniques you use to mold your words.

    5 of the best copywriting techniques you can use to boost your sales are:

    Urgency – People hate having to make decisions. Uncertainty just makes us uncomfortable. Providing a sense of urgency reduces this feeling by encouraging visitors to make decisions as fast as possible.

    Objective – If you want your visitors to do something, make the objective clear to them.

    Headlines – If you want your visitors to read something, you better draw their attention and get them interested. You do this in the headline, which should be as short as possible, without being vague, and should incite curiosity or desire.

    Make it Personal – Use the word you. Let the audience know your messages benefits them.

    Benefit – Tell your visitors what they’ll get out of giving you their time. Why they should be on your website, instead of someone else’s.

    Landing Pages

    A landing page is named as such because it is just that – it is a page that visitors land on. What makes it different from any other web page though, is that it’s designed solely to drive a specific action, whether that be a sign-up, a purchase, or anything else.

    They can convert visitors into leads, or into customers, depending on your business objective.

    If you want your new web business to be successful, landing pages are one of the best conversion optimization tools to make it happen. They directly support business goals, make businesses look more professional and credible (when built properly), and provide a leg up over the competition.

    And the best tool available to help you create landing pages is LeadPages.

    LeadPages ensures your landing pages are built properly by offering over 100 professionaly designed templates that are built to convert, offers instant ad creation integrated within popular platforms such as Facebook, and provides built-in split testing so that your efforts can be fine-tuned for maximum impact.

    Best of all, LeadPages offers a 14-day free trial to prove its usefulness.

    Lead Capture Forms

    Although it is possible to convert a visitor to a customer the first time they visit your website, it is rare.

    Often, trust needs to be built over time, and to do this, you have to make sure that the visitors come back. The best way to do this is through email. And to use email, you need the visitors email address. That’s where lead capture forms come in.

    Lead capture forms are built to draw visitors attention and make it enticing for visitors to enter their email address and click submit. This isn’t an easy thing to do.

    Lead capture forms need to be well designed and built, and have crucial components to be effective.

    They need to be:

    • Well Positioned
    • Sized for purpose
    • Have the right fields
    • Look elegant
    • Easy to use

    There is not a one-size fits all for lead capture forms. They can exist as pop-up boxes, cover the screen, be in the sidebar, and they can be small or long, depending on how much convincing your specific audience needs. They also need to look elegant, to make your visitors comfortable with handing over their information and easy to use, to make the effort required in doing so minimal. Every second counts.

    Fortunately, all this does not need to be designed from scratch. Software has already been made to handle all this for you.

    The software I use is OptinMonster.

    Split Testing

    The concept of split testing is simple. First, you create two designs, either entirely new, or changes of an existing design, and then you randomly split traffic between them. Meanwhile, you record the traffic being split between them, and how often the traffic performs your desired action (converts). Then, at the end of the test, you adopt whichever variation performed the best, ensuring that you get the best results possible on your website.

    As you’ve read above, the best tools have split testing built-in, so that they can provide the best results for their specific use. OptinMonster has built-in split testing for lead capture forms, and LeadPages provides it for landing pages.